Como decía Gandhi. “Casi todo lo que hagas en tu vida será insignificante, pero es importante que lo hagas. Porque nadie más lo hará”. Por eso estoy aquí, con ganas de poner mi granito de arena y proporcionarte el conocimiento y las herramientas para que seas consciente de todo lo que puedes hacer por TI.


Back to simple from calm

My name is Laura Marín

and this is my story

I’m excited about this new adventure. My experience as a health professional and as a mother has brought me here in the search of well-being, health and quiet.

I was too busy with everything that was happening outside, running all day from one place to the next until life invited me to stop and realise that I had to look inside, take care of myself and love myself more, not only for me but also for those I love most: my family.

When I started taking care of myself, my life started to change. I noticed my body needed to move more, and that it was asking for healthy foods, for me to take breaks and to rest. My mind started to become clearer. New paths I’d never dreamed of started opening up, such as writing the book “Green Heart”, for which my daughters have been my greatest drivers. I started to feel a need for growth and to be grateful for the opportunities that life has to offer.

During this process, I’ve discovered wonderful people who have helped me shift my focus, take a look inside and face new challenges, connecting with who I am. “The master appears when the student is ready.” None of this would have been possible, however, without the support of my loving life partner. Thank you for being there!

Dreaming is creating. The project I dream of is offering parents, educators and children a holistic understanding of health and well-being, conveying my knowledge in a way that is clear and simple, open to all. If we learn to understand ourselves, and to listen, value and take care of what our body, our emotions, our relationships with others and our spirit need, we’ll be taking steps in our path towards self-care and well-being and, in short, to loving ourselves more.  

Understanding ourselves better helps us accept and love ourselves as we are: unique, extraordinary beings, living in this world with our own unique purpose, at the service of humanity; just like the cells in our body, each with a role to play for the body to work as it is meant.

As Gandhi used to say, “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it because nobody else will.” That’s why I’m here, looking forward to doing my bit, providing you with an understanding and the tools to be aware of what you can do for YOU.


Sometimes the world goes too fast. When I stop, I pay attention to what’s going on in the present, my breathing, my heartbeat and I start to feel that life’s a gift.



I can make better decisions when I understand things.
Would you like learn more about health and how to instil healthy habits in your family and students?



Everything starts with the first step. Decide to do what’s simple for an extended period and you’ll change your habits, changing your life along the way.

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back to simple from calm

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